Epsilon Industries, Inc.

Why Choose Epsilon?

We will will work with YOU.

At Epsilon we love to do business with everyone. We have worked with all types of customers from Fortune 500 companies to individuals creating something in their garage. Our diverse customer base has allowed us to tackle interesting projects and gain broad experience across many disciplines.

You own the tool.

Some companies charge a “one-time engineering fee” and claim that you only own the plastic parts, not the tool that created them. At Epsilon we think you should control your tool and while we are happy to run your parts, if you choose to take your mold elsewhere, we won’t hold it for ransom.

We can take your project from design to delivery under the same roof.

An essential component of quality control is communication, and while other companies may have fantastic teleconferencing abilities to talk to their overseas toolmakers, we can just walk in the next room. If our machine operators need to adjust a tool, or our toolmakers need to clarify a detail, or our tool designers need to check a spec, or our part designers need to discuss a flow issue, everyone is in the same building. This gives us tremendous flexibility and allows us to make changes for better efficiency, better parts, and for you–because sometimes your projects’ needs may change.

Better pricing on tooling and parts.

For runs under 100,000 parts, no one beats our out-the-door price. Some advertise low tooling costs but trap you with high part prices (and keep your mold since you don’t own it). Others add unnecessary tooling components which lead to exorbitant tooling costs. At Epsilon we create the mold you need for a very fair price and, since you own your mold and can take it elsewhere, you know we have very competitive pricing for plastic part production too.

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