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Cost of Design

3D Solid Modeling

We take your sketch, drawing, sample part, prototype, etc. and generate a 3D CAD model of your part. We then send you the model with viewing software so you can inspect the model on your computer. After your approval, the CAD files may be used for presentation, prototyping or production.

Our CAD designers have all been in the plastic injection industry for years and have thousands of tools and projects worth of experience. We can help you model the most basic shapes to very complex parts with precision detail.

We do not normally output paper dimensioned drawings unless a component is made of sheet metal or some other form of 2D fabrication where a paper drawing would be appropriate. (Besides, if your tool-maker is trying to make complex cavities from paper instead of 3D data, it’s time to find a new tool-maker — have we mentioned that we make tooling?)

Design is generally difficult to know what it will take in advance – particularly with complex objects – so we will give you an estimate once we understand what you need. All estimated CAD design work is pre-paid.

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