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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Understanding that sometimes product development is a sensitive process and that privacy may sometimes make or break a project's time line and feasibility in the market, we are more than happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. We have a standard form you can download here or you may submit an NDA of your own. We generally will sign most NDAs but we cannot sign NDAs that contain the following:

  • Non-compete Clauses - Due to our custom business model we often end up serving several customers in similar markets. If we were to sign non-compete clauses it would severely cripple our ability to serve our customers. We do, however, take precautions both in communications and visits to our facilities to preserve your confidence.
  • Long or Undefined Terms - We prefer NDAs to end three years after the conclusion of business, but give us a call is you have a specific reason for different terms.
  • Unsigned NDAs - Please send us two copies of a signed NDA and we will sign both and return one to you and keep one for our records.

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