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Ways to Cut Injection Molding Costs

Epsilon Industries, Inc. is committed to offering quality products at very competitive prices. We are interested in helping you find solutions that will meet your needs and fit your budget. We have outlined some ways you can start thinking about cutting costs before your product is made.

Put multiple parts in the same mold.

If you have an assembly or family of parts, we will be glad to fit as many as we can into a single set of inserts and run them as one part. Substantial savings can be realized by this approach. Please don’t hesitate to ask, “Can we run these all in the same tool?”. This works best if all of the parts are approximately the same volume.

Make a more complex parts from two or more parts.

An otherwise complex or impossible part can oftentimes be run as an assembly of simpler parts. Eliminating slides and other approaches to simplify parts can drastically reduce tooling prices and delivery.

Some materials, such as ABS, bond so well that otherwise complex units may be quickly assembled from simple components.


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