Epsilon Industries, Inc.


As with all custom work, scheduling is extremely dependent on the project.

Our normal turnaround for CAD design is 1-3 weeks and tooling is 6-8 weeks depending on current backlog.

Some tips to help speed up your project.

  • Get your deposit in quickly – One way we keep costs low is by not having a collections department. In order to work without a collections department all tooling must have half down before we begin and paid in full before you receive any parts. Since we do not start a project without a deposit, the sooner we have it the less time we spend waiting for it.
  • Know what you want – The more detail you can give us, the better. While we are happy to help you develop the pragmatics of your product, if you communicate exactly what its function is and what it might interact with, then we will be able to limit the number and scope of revisions, which will expedite the process significantly.
  • Give us good contact information and respond promptly – Occasionally we will need to ask questions regarding the design/tooling/material/etc. and the process is stopped until we receive an answer from you. If we have an email address that you do not check, then your project could be delayed a week or more while we wait for an answer.

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